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[afro-nets] Food for a genuine pro-poor thought (10)

  • From: "Lesedi Leseka" <LLeseka@fnb.co.za>
  • Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 08:29:35 +0200

Food for a genuine pro-poor thought (10)

In one of the his biographies Malcolm X points out that 'Capitalism is Vulturistic' and indeed it is so. It is a system that thrives on the weakness of the multitudes in order to serve the interests of a few. Capitalism in its unadulterated form, will always ensure an upper hand of the powerful, it is for this reason that scraping of debts is only an ideal.

Visuals of trucks and helicopters transporting food to the poor countries, will continue, after all guilt is universal. Capitalism knows no altruism, there are always strings attached, it is for this reason that countries that have something to offer-will be resuscitated but not saved, while those that have nothing to offer will be left to die.

Africa did not put herself in debt, but today has a debt that seeks to ensure her continued Subservience.

But I ask 'Just how sustainable is Capitalism?'

Lesedi Leseka