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[afro-nets] Roy Innis on malaria (21)

  • From: "Kris Dev" <krisdev@gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 22:43:56 +0530

Roy Innis on malaria (21)

Jeff, your views expressed here merit consideration by all.

Yes. We should network more closely and develop a rugged model of Community Centric Sustainable Development Model.

I know John is doing a great job. We should be able to replicate it.

I think we need to push International Funding Agencies to accept more social audit and keep a small budget for it. It pays back multifold returns, compared to the huge budget they keep, for administrative expenses.

Like you, I and Peter are open to collaborating with you, John, George and anyone else in this group, to work together for common global benefit. Great people think alike! Fools seldom differ!!

We are promoting the concept of biometric tracking of people and their activities for monitoring project expenses. This is slowly getting recognised in India. More on this later.


Kris Dev.