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[afro-nets] Roy Innis on malaria (22)

  • From: "George Kent" <kent@hawaii.edu>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:32:39 -1000

Roy Innis on malaria (22)

In Jeff Buderer?s message of Jul 18, 2006, at 1:29 AM, he writes: ?The money devoted to pencil pushing, traveling, conferences and consultants should be carefully evaluated. I do believe that much of the money now earmarked for development is not used in the most effective way (and there is considerable evidence for this). I do believe that much of the current overhead costs are bloated and need to be channelled into the development of innovative field research centers that incorporate best practices to promote an integrated approach to sustainable development.? Often what is wasteful or costly to some is beneficial to others.

He refers to ?we?. Who is the "we" here, really? So far as I can see, the global community itself has not made a serious commitment to the MDGs. The Millennium Development Program is based on the premise that nations that have demonstrated they lack the capacity and/or will to do what needs to be done will in fact do what needs to be done.

Annan's report to Ecosoc of 8 May 2006 (E/2006/60) says that Official Development Assistance rose to 0.33 percent of gross national income in 2005.

He notes: mention ?In the mean time, how can we get involved so our work becomes the model for that restructuring and reform effort??. Currently, my favorite answer is: multi-level strategic planning.

He also notes ?One interesting project doing work in this area (combining health care, ICT and microfinance among other things) of multisectorial development is Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria?. Can it be brought to scale? nationally? globally?

He further writes: ?OVF is also considering similar themed projects in several countries in Africa at this time. I definitely would be open to considering collaboration with you or anyone on this list (who is interested) in an effort to build a community oriented approach (very much along the lines of what Peter and Kris have put forward in terms of Community Centric Sustainable Development) to address the MGDs.?. I'd like to learn about all this.

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