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[afro-nets] New resources on HIV and AIDS questions for development from IDS

  • From: "Ingrid Young" <I.Young@ids.ac.uk>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 09:20:09 +0100

New resources on HIV and AIDS questions for development from IDS

Is development vulnerable to HIV and AIDS? : IDS explores AIDS questions for development

With the 16th International AIDS conference, 'Time to Deliver', coming up in Toronto on 13-18 August, it is a good time to take stock of progress on tackling the disease. Scientists, policymakers, practitioners and communities have spent a quarter of a century attempting to deal with HIV. The virus has nevertheless become pandemic and one of the most significant challenges to health and development in the poorest parts of the World today.

Despite this, the field of AIDS and development remains relatively neglected and dissipated across different disciplines and institutions. The intricate inter-relations of the issues involved should challenge researchers and policymakers to question disciplinary boundaries and to adopt not merely a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach, but also an inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary analysis and language for developing and communicating new ideas and developing new kinds of partnerships.

As Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS has highlighted, AIDS has already rewritten the rules of public health; it is increasingly necessary to rewrite the rules of development too.

IDS is forging links across different areas of research and communications at the Institute and developing new partnerships to support a more coherent body of research on the topic. As part of this new programme of work on HIV/AIDS and Development, IDS has produced two new resources in partnership with UNAIDS and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

AIDS: questions for development is a new IDS Policy Briefing that aims to assess past and current efforts to understand the disease in relation to development and to identify key policy and research gaps for development.

See the new IDS Policy Briefing at:

HIV, AIDS and Vulnerability is a new online key issues guide from the HIV and AIDS Resource Guide on Eldis. The guide considers how development approaches can contribute to the response to HIV and AIDS; and how HIV and AIDS can rewrite the rules of development.

See the new key issues guide at:

IDS has also begun a seminar series on AIDS Questions for Development. This series will be run in partnership with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

For more information on these resources or any other aspect of IDS's new programme of work on HIV, AIDS and Development, contact:

AIDS: Questions for Development
Jerker Edstrom, Fellow; HIV, AIDS and Development, KNOTS team, mailto:j.edstrom@ids.ac.uk

HIV, AIDS and Vulnerability
Ingrid Young, IDS Health and Development Information Team, mailto:i.young@ids.ac.uk

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