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[afro-nets] Key issues in health systems: health management information systems (3)

  • From: "George Kent" <kent@hawaii.edu>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 21:14:56 -1000

Key issues in health systems: health management information systems (3)

Peter, I am very sympathetic with the concerns you express here. However, you seem to emphasize the lack of technical capacity for achieving transparency and accountability. It is important to also explore the question of whether the will is there. Indeed, one must also question whether there is really a program there.

Take the example of the Millennium Development Programme. This appears to be a global action program of some sort, but when you look for budgets, management bodies and that sort of thing, you find that at the global level, there is practically nothing there. The "program" is mainly about advocating better work at the national level. Paradoxically, this assumes capacity and will at the national level when the problems occurred precisely because of shortfalls in capacity and/or will at the national level.

There really is no global program to hold to account. There never were any solid global commitments made by any international actors against which they can be held to account. So far as I can see, the Millennium Development Programme AT THE GLOBAL LEVEL is an illusion.

If I am wrong, I would be pleased to be corrected. Maybe I just need help finding the program.

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