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[afro-nets] Use of DDT against malaria (9)

  • From: Mwinzi, Pauline <PMwinzi@kisian.mimcom.net>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 14:07:11 +0300

Use of DDT against malaria (9)

Hi Craig,

I agree with your observations -but the reasons why people will sit
outside their houses may be varied. When you don't have much to do in
the house -e.g. no television to watch, no internet to surf etc. - then
the outside is more entertaining. Also in some settings, the houses may
be very small and therefore the outside serves as the "sitting room".
Maybe in a few of the cases it has to do with lack of AC. But even when
you have all of that - ranch house, AC etc. the African sunset is such
an attraction -you'll still find people sitting outside in the

Pauline NM Mwinzi, PhD
Kenya Medical Research Institute