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[afro-nets] Adieu Omololu Falobi: May your soul rest in peace

  • From: "Adams Ayuba" <pjadamz@yahoo.co.uk>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 03:25:56 -0700 (PDT)

Adieu Omololu Falobi: May your soul rest in peace

Our Paths met in 1998, when during my small stint at the United Nations University, Amman Jordan, I joined an internet health group, afronet. His contributions very Nigerian (intelligent thought provoking and independent). We met later towards the end of that same year in Abuja Sheraton where I was the Deputy Systems Manager.

Smooth was the journey, that gave birth to other egroups, with due respect, Omololu?s was the very first health related egroup in Nigeria, anybody can prove me wrong. He needed assistance with Moderation as he was getting very busy, which I offered to do voluntarily, as it will not disturb my work.

When afrobetteryouths egroup was started by me, Omololu was the mentor and one of the very first members. Afrobetter youths gave rise to Abujanig amongst others, with Omololu as a silent push and mentor, leading to the egroup migration to yahoogroup,

We were all still there, when the Prof. Oshotimehien and Dr Ibrahim alliance was giving birth to NACA. Then the feeling though not discussed was of attempt to alienate non medics from the HIV/AIDS group being formed. Omololu moved ahead with fore sight to form the Journalist Against Aids groups, one of the most powerful Health related advocators, I can boldly say. The Spanish government will attest to the barrages they got when they refused visa to some Nigerians traveling for a conference that Omololu was a part of.

I must say, I thought Omololu was in his 40?s going to 50?s, he was only 35yrs, why now? He has grown to be an enigma amongst civil societies and the youth constituency he represented. A Nigerian amongst Nigerians that has refused to be cowed by the black smearing antiques of local and multinatinational concerns on issues of health. You may never know, but it must be on record, that while we where busy screaming above our voices (Prof. John Dada, could bear me witness) on the issue of Abstinence, on the international HIV/AIDs spread concern arena, my brother Omololu was affirming it with all professionalism and in the best of communication parlance/channels than meet the eyes.

He may not be Celebrated by the Nigeria Media and the Constituency he represented so well, the way and how of his murder may never come to light. But he will remain in the mind of so many HIV/AIDs related concern persons, as a name that has affected them in one way or the other. He will live forever in the works and influences he has triggered in the globe and beyond.

I am praying silently for his family, friends, colleagues and staff, that the live and works of Omololu Falobi will not be allowed to die, but nurtured to see the light of day.

This a name should go into the Nigerian Hall of Fame; He started this campaign in his twenties, when he should have spent his youth, selfishly enriching himself like so many do.

Omololu, Sleep, sleep the sleep of Kings, who have come, seen and Conquered. Your Victories will be recounted even above, for what you did to the least of the ones here on earth, you did to God.

Omololu, we will miss your presence, but your smiles, calm and silent comforting presence, will always linger. Sleep my brother, sleep, in the Wakeful arms of the Lord. Where I am sure you will rise again, triumphant and glorious, for and in the life ahead. Adieu my Dear.

Mallam Adamu Ayuba
Moderator AbujaNig

Adamu Ayuba (mhcima)
Box 8551 Zone 1, Wuse Abuja NIGERIA