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[afro-nets] Access to Scientific Journals Online

  • From: "Jawad Asghar" <jawad@alumni.washington.edu>
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 16:44:47 +0500

Access to Scientific Journals Online

E-newsletter Issue 2
May 2007
Dear Scientist

Welcome to the second e-Newsletter from HINARI, AGORA, and OARE – the programmes which provide online access to research in health, agriculture and the environment to scientists, researchers, policy-makers and librarians in developing countries.

In this issue we are pleased to provide you with 10 top tips for how to make the best use of the programmes and the journals and databases provided through them. We've also provided some answers to frequently asked questions and information about further training available. Please feel free to share this email with others in your institution and country so that they can all get the benefit of free or low cost access to the world's leading research. There are now thousands of international peer-reviewed journals plus databases and reference resources available through the programmes, including titles in different languages, generalist titles, plus those specific to a full range of very specialist research areas.

We announced in the last issue that the three programmes of HINARI (for health research), AGORA (for research in agriculture) and OARE (for environmental science research) will be continued until at least 2015, in line with the timeframe of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. A new strategic plan for the programmes is being put together by the partner organizations that provide the access and we hope to deliver the benefits of this plan to you over the coming years.

One part of this plan which is already underway is a major upgrade to the authentication system. If you have been having difficulties accessing HINARI, AGORA or OARE over recent months then we do sincerely apologise and can assure you that a solution is on the way! The new authentication system should be in place very soon, by mid-2007 at the latest.

Best wishes,

*Barbara Aronson*
HINARI Programme Manager, World Health Organization
http://www.who.int/hinari <http://blackwell-publishing.msgfocus.com/c/112MdA4GH4nU9nnimL>

*Anton Mangstl
*Director, Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building Division, Food and
Agriculture Organization
http://www.aginternetwork.org <http://blackwell-publishing.msgfocus.com/c/112MeoxmyG0EHIRTWl>

*Constant-Serge Bounde
*Chief Librarian, Sergio Vieira de Mello Library, United Nations Environment
http://www.oaresciences.org <http://blackwell-publishing.msgfocus.com/c/112MeNLHutP1YTCcJ8>

To view the rest of the newsletter, visit:

Rana Jawad Asghar MD. MPH.

Coordinator South Asian Public Health Forum
Typhoid Net http://www.typhoid.net