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[afro-nets] U.S. HIV Funding's Effect on Broader Health Services in Africa (2)

  • From: "Peter Burgess" <peterbnyc@gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 15:49:05 -0500

Dear Colleagues

I hope I will be able to see the full study.

Why would anyone expect the results to be different from this? What resources were available to the clinics BEFORE there was PEPFAR funding flowing into the 30 clinics in the study and what resources were flowing into these clinics as a result of FHI deploying PEPFAR money into the clinics.

A much more important question might be something along the lines of what results are being achieved as a result of the present resource flows compared to what might reasonably have been expected from the resource flows ... in other words an analysis based on actual costs versus standard costs.

Yes ... it is good that there are more fund flows going into HIV and the health sectors in Africa ... but it is worrying that there is so little of performance metrics being used to assess the effectiveness of the work that is being done. To the extent there is feedback about the performance, it is interesting to note that the analysis is not done by independent parties but by the parties involved ... something that used not to be considered useful ... but now seems to be the normal approach.

If I could see the complete study and data, maybe I would have different views.


Peter Burgess

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