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[afro-nets] Why Tuberculosis Matters to Women's Health (2)

  • From: "Michael Krawinkel" <Michael.Krawinkel@ernaehrung.uni-giessen.de>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 15:11:24 +0100

Dear colleagues,

'Why Tuberculosis Matters to Women's Health' could also be read 'Why women´s health matters to TB'. The big achievements of TB-chemotherapy in the 20th century have made us to forget that the nutrition and health status (even psychosocial health) of people heavily impacts on their susceptibility for TB. Women (and men) in good nutritional and health status have a low risk of acquiring TB. If we do not only consider drug-based disease management strategies improving the physical condition of women (and men) could be a powerfull tool in preventing TB.

In the fifties of the last century it was still practiced in Germany to give half a litre of cow´s milk per day to all staff of infectious disease wards.

I was also wondering who advised the Director General of the UN, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, for his recent statement on TB-control. It would be nice if availability of and access to drugs could really solve the problem. But in real life strategies should also address the people and try to reduce their susceptibility - even during episodes of slightly impaired immune competence - e.g. during pregnancy.

Michael B. Krawinkel

Prof. Michael Krawinkel, MD
Institute of Nutritional Sciences and Department of Pediatrics
Executive Director International Society of Tropical Pediatrics
University of Giessen, Germany