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[afro-nets] Antimalarial suppositories 'buy time' for patients (2)

  • From: "Peter Burgess" <peterbnyc@gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 16:33:53 -0400

Dear Colleagues

It is amazing what the scientists say we can do ... WOW ... awesome ... 90% of the plasmodium falciparum gone from the patients blood in a few hours.

But it is my understanding that the mosquito bites again, and the patient is back again with another bout of malaria in a few days.

The current malaria strategy of cure and almost instant reinfection is a formula for high costs, no sustainable results and worse ... dramatically increased resistance.

Surely ... when we combine the power of medicine to reduce the level of the parasite in the human host AND we do all we can to interrupt transmission and sustain the interruptions then we can have success. From what I understand of history the best way to reduce and sustain the interruption of transmission is a combination of source control, adult control, house level control (IRS) and personal protection (bednets) deployed according to the specific characteristics of the mosquito and malaria dynamic in the community.

What is it that I have wrong?

Peter Burgess

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