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[afro-nets] Millennium Villages: Fighting Malaria in Africa (3)

  • From: "John Arube-Wani" <arube@chdc-muk.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:22:26 +0300

Hullo Bill,

Thank you for your contributions towards malaria eradication. I remember you well from past debates on this forum.

Perhaps it's not too presumptuous to ask you to once more to re-state what you consider to be "a well run comprehensive and integrated program", that you reckon could rapidly stop the transmission of malaria. Uganda has embarked on indoor residual spraying in one of, if not, the most endemic area of the country, using DDT. As expected, some environmentalists opposed to use of DDT among them a former opposition member of Parliament, plan to disrupt or cause dissent to the newly launched program.

How could Uganda, for instance, given a partly hostile public opinion, organize a "well run comprehensive and integrated program"; one that is relatively free from politics, and not lacking in accountability. Mind you, this accountability could mean or include giving account to the communities affected; say by winning them over to the idea of using DDT, or adopting other practices such as use of the not-so-cheap bed nets/ITNs, that others strongly advocate for? Are there any case studies that depict success stories in the case for DDT? "What, as J. Raloff asked in 2000, do you do when a dreaded environmental pollutant saves lives?"

I am however aware, that your line may be more in the use of aerial spraying, and not necessarily indoor spraying?

John Arube-Wani
Child Health and Development Centre
Faculty of Medicine
Makerere University
Kampala, Uganda