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[afro-nets] Call for Applications: First AMANET Workshop on Advanced Health Research Ethics for Investigators

  • From: "Charles Wanga" <clwanga@amanet-trust.org>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 15:58:09 +0300

Call for Applications: First AMANET Workshop on Advanced Health Research Ethics for Investigators


DATES: 23 - 27 June 2008
LOCATION: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
DEADLINE for applications: 30 May 2008

The high disease burden of African countries, the emergence of new diseases, and efforts to address the10/90 gap, have led to an unprecedented increase in health research activities in Africa. In light of the generally poor health delivery systems, the lower levels of education, and poverty of communities and governments, it has become imperative that HRE in Africa be strengthened in order to minimise the risk of unethical research being conducted on the poor populations.

Historically, research participants and research institutions have been exposed to abuse and are inadequately prepared to handle complexities that characterize justice and beneficence desirable for research involving human participants and communities. This is ever so important in the less developed world where regulatory systems are either very weak or nonexistent in majority of cases.

Over the next three years, and through a grant from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AMANET will organize a series of 5 workshops on Advanced Health Research Ethics (HRE) primarily for health investigators and secondarily for Ethics Committee members and policy makers. Since the workshops will be at an advanced level, basic HRE training will be a pre-requisite. The first workshop will be held in Dar es Salaam from 23 to 27 June 2008.

AMANET continues to champion the need for training in biomedical research ethics to various stakeholders of research in Africa. With regard to health research ethics for ethics review committees, the following workshops have been organized by AMANET:
-Workshops on Ethics in Health Research in Africa, in Kenya (Kisumu, 2001), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, 2001), South Africa (2002, Pretoria), Gabon, (Libreville, 2002), Sudan (Khartoum, 2003), Cameroon (Yaoundé, 2003), Ethiopia (2007), Ghana (2008) Senegal (in French, 2008) and Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, 2005, 2006 and 2007)
-Workshop on Standard Operating Procedures for Ethics Review of Health Research in Africa, 17-21 February 2003, Entebbe, Uganda;
-Workshop on Advanced Ethics in Biomedical Research that Involves Human Subjects, 1-3 December 2004, Zanzibar, Tanzania; and
-Workshop on Protection of Human Research Participants: Writing of Standard Operating Procedures for Ethics Review Committees in Eastern Africa: 29-31 August 2005, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Reports on the above activities are available in the various issues of the AMANET Newsletter available online at: www.amanet-trust.org.

The workshop will apply participatory approaches including overviews, case studies, discussion groups, panellists, and participants presentations and other interactive and adult teaching/learning methods. To broaden discussions special panels for some of the topics will be convened. Lecture type presentations will be followed by question and answer sessions. Experienced facilitators have been carefully selected from within Africa.

Basic HRE training and participation in the AMANET online HRE Discussion Forum will be considered in the selection process. The online Discussion Forum can be accessed via the AMANET website (); some of the case studies discussed online will be used during the workshop. The target candidates are health researchers, but few places may be available for applicants outside these criteria. Interested candidates who meet the selection criteria should submit their applications by the 30th of May 2008.

This workshop aims firstly to flag topical ethical issues that are relevant to health research in developing country settings, and secondly to explore various schools of thought with the aim of coming up with well thought out positions and/or recommendations. Examples and case studies pertinent to Africa will be used. The following are the highlights of the topics to be covered:
-Applying Ethical principles in Health Research and Ethical review process
-Responsibilities in Health Research
-Ethical issues in research design and recruitment of research participants.

-Research with vulnerable persons and groups
-Legal and social issues in Health Research Ethics
-Ethical Issues in international collaborative health research
-Models and practicalities of community consultation
-Ethical issues surrounding the 10/90 gap
-Ethical issues in traditional medical practice and ?research?
-Professional Ethics
-Animal Research Ethics

By the end of the five day workshop, it is further hoped that:
-Participants will be brought up to date with topical ethical issues around current research practices;
-Participants will be able to address ethical issues at the design stage of health research and be able to enhance the protection of the welfare of research participants when implementing health research protocols.

The workshop will be conducted in English; there will be no translations to other languages.

Three participants will be nominated to be rapporteurs for the workshop.
Proceedings will be recorded for publication in the AMANET newsletter and will be available for participants.

Selected participants will be awarded scholarships by AMANET, which will cover costs for economy class airfares (where needed), visas, tuition and accommodation and meals. Participants should meet all their home country transit costs.

-This call sent out on or before 30 April 2008
-Applications should reach AMANET secretariat NO LATER THAN 30 May 2008
-Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted, a list of selected candidates will be made available on the AMANET web site.
-Selected participants will be informed by 15 June 2008

APPLICATIONS (with brief CVs and one-half page justification) SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY EMAIL to:

The Managing Trustee,
African Malaria Network Trust,
Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology Building,
PO Box 33207,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
E-mail: info@amanet-trust.org
Fax: +255 22 2700380

The workshop is supported by a grant to AMANET from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on strengthening institutional health research ethics in Africa.

Charles Wanga