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[afro-nets] New Issue of Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender

  • From: "Ilse Egers" <i.egers@kit.nl>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:04:46 +0200

New issue now available

A PDF of the latest issue of Exchange on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Gender is available from our website. The topic of this special issue is "Gender violence and HIV/AIDS".


* Gender violence and HIV: Reversing twin epidemics
* Using arts to tackle violence against women and HIV and AIDS
* The SASA! Way to preventing violence against women
* Addressing sexual violence in the education system
* Sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence in Burkina Faso
* Online resources

Download the full issue: www.exchange-magazine.info <http://www.exchange-magazine.info/>

If you are unable to download PDFs from our website, please e-mail us at exchange@kit.nl <mailto:exchange@kit.nl> , so we can send you a PDF of the last issue by e-mail.

Call for articles

The next issue of Exchange on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Gender will focus on innovative behaviour change communication (BCC) strategies and approaches that ensure that young people in secondary schools have the knowledge, skills, self-esteem and support to make appropriate decisions and have access to comprehensive education and services that enable them to act on their decisions, and most importantly, avoid HIV infection.

We are especially interested in receiving reflective papers from programme managers and other staff of local and national level NGOs working in resource-constrained settings on their successful and promising programmes, strategies or approaches. We also welcome contributions by researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are willing to summarize the results of their literature reviews or write short articles on e.g., factors contributing to programmatic success, good practices, new supportive policies or promising approaches. Opinion articles are also welcome. Please note that we prefer articles that move beyond a description of a particular problem or injustice to describe good and promising practice in programming or advocacy work.

More information:

* The deadline for submission of articles is September 30, 2008 , the maximum number of words is 1200.
* Guidelines, back issues and more information about submitting an article: www.exchange-magazine.info <http://www.exchange-magazine.info/> .
* Please contact the editor before you start writing, to avoid unnecessary rejection of your article.

Eliezer Wangulu
Editor Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender