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[afro-nets] Health Sciences Online

  • From: "Lenny Rhine" <rhinel@ufl.edu>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:10:27 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Colleagues,

Several days ago, I accessed the Health Sciences Online portal (http://www.hso.info). Geared toward health practitioners, this is a very useful tool for accessing Internet based health resources particularly clinical guidelines/handbooks, courses, lectures, articles and reports.

It has a dynamic search engine that prioritizes the resources and allows you to refine your initial searches by resource type and language. For each link, the search contains a preview, the source and the size of the document.

If this material is of interest to you, do take a look at the site ??? www.hso.info Below, I have attached part of the project???s press release below.

Yours truly,



Project Details: Health Sciences Online is a portal to a virtual learning center with browse and search functions. It contains over 50,000 health-sciences resources including courses, references and guidelines. The portal provides free, online linkages to a comprehensive collection of top-quality courses and references in medicine, public health, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, basic sciences, and other health sciences disciplines. These materials are donated, and typically hosted and maintained by distinguished content partners with the materials being constantly updated.

The information is aimed primarily at health care practitioners, enabling their training, continuing education, and delivery of effective treatments to patients. The information is delivered by powerful search technology from Vivisimo, Inc., which allows users to easily see comprehensive search results and quickly find the answers they need with an intuitively navigated graphic interface.

Background: Health sciences information and training are vital for health and socioeconomic development, but excellent, free learning resources are difficult to find. In recent years, information and communication technologies, particularly the Internet, have been central to remedying this situation. But there are still significant hurdles to accessing online content. WHO notes that there is an enormous need to identify selective, current, accessible online educational and training resources to promote appropriate care and policies.

For further information, contact:
Erica Frank, MD, MPH
Founder and Executive Director of Health Sciences Online
Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia