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[afro-nets] Youth-Friendly Postabortion Care PublicationsfromPathfinder International (5)

  • From: "Puleng Letsie" <letsie@satregional.org>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 11:34:58 +0200

I fully agree with Stuart, and he couldn't have said this better! There is a need for all of us to be ejected from our 'high judgmental seats' where we seem to know what other people need or do not need. Why is it so difficult to realize that Post-abortion care services are like any other health care services without us trying to dictate who should get these services? Should we emphasize the rights of women (regardless of their age) to bear or not to bear children - either through planned or unplanned pregnancies?

All these should not be seen as undermining the preventive and capacity building efforts on delaying sex, abstinence, condom use, etc. but as a way to support those who find themselves in such situations without judging them. People who oppose the provision of post-abortion care services may want to start by dealing with rape, incest, forced marriages, and instances where women and girls are coerced into all sorts of things; and if all of these are erased from the face of the world, then we can start the debate on whether or not to provide these services.

Thank you,

Puleng Letsie
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