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[afro-nets] Regional Coordinator recruitment- HAI Africa

  • From: "HAI Africa" <info@haiafrica.org>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 17:21:08 +0300

Regional Coordinator
Health Action International Africa
Job Description and Conditions

Closing Date: 20 April 2009


Health Action International (HAI) Africa is a young, growing informal network of consumers, NGOs, health care providers, academics and individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa promoting increased access to essential medicines, the essential medicines concept and the appropriate use of medicines.

HAI Africa is one of four regional networks that comprise HAI globally: HAI Global, HAI Europe and North America (The Netherlands), HAI Latin America (Peru), HAI Asia/Pacific (Sri Lanka) and HAI Africa (Kenya). The four regions collaborate in sharing information and working together at the international level to improve access to essential medicines and improve medicines policies. Globally, HAI represents approximately 150 consumer, health, development and public interest groups in 70 countries. HAI Africa seeks to increase public participation and impact on the development of policies, regulations and programs which promote equitable access to essential medicines (AEM) for all.

The HAI Africa regional coordinating office staff implement activities that increase partners’ capacities to work effectively on medicines issues, improve their ability to participate in policy formulation and implementation nationally, regionally and internationally, increase the amount of quality information available in formats appropriate for partners’ needs, facilitate sharing of information and expertise in the network and increase collaboration between WHO and civil society in selected countries in the region.

Current priority areas of work include;

- Increasing the capacity of Civil Society Organizations to participate in medicines policy formulation and implementation at national , regional and global level
- strengthening network participation and effectiveness in promoting increased access to essential medicines
- Research and advocacy for increased access to and rational use of medicines at national and regional levels.

The coordinating office is located in Nairobi, Kenya. A small staff provide campaigning, communications and information and administrative support to the network. HAI Africa has an annual budget of over USD 500,000. HAI Africa receives its funding from various donors.

Job Description

The HAI Africa regional coordinator is the senior executive position in charge of the overall network and the coordinating office. S/he reports to the HAI Africa board of directors and carries out the following main responsibilities delegated by the board and in accordance with HAI Africa administrative procedures:

- Supervising and/or implementing contracted projects and ensuring timely implementation of annual network workplan
- Providing expertise and strategic guidance to staff and partners in all areas of HAI Africa’s work
- Being the responsible officer for HAI Africa contracts and project and programme commitments and participating as appropriate on any committees, working groups or other mechanisms set up to manage project implementation
- Being the responsible contact for all HAI Africa donors and maintaining regular communications with them
- Ensuring financial sustainability by undertaking resource mobilization activities to increase the donor base and diversify funding.
- Representing HAI Africa in various fora that are appropriate to and in the interest of the HAI Africa network
- Ensuring appropriate communications with the board of directors, other regional coordinators of HAI, HAI Global secretariat in Amsterdam, including all required reporting, approvals and sharing of information and documentation
- Ensuring sound financial management and quality, timely reporting to donors
- Maintaining effective communications and project management planning with HAI Africa’s project partners
- Making technical and strategic inputs into HAI activities and commitments at the international level, including the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization.
- In consultation with the Board of Directors, hiring, supervising and terminating all full- or part-time staff, short- or long-term consultants and casual labour
- In consultation with the Board of Directors issuing HAI Africa contracts, in accordance HAI Africa contracting policies and procedures
- Other duties as assigned by the HAI Africa board of directors

Minimum Qualifications

The successful candidate will already have the core skills and experience to deliver the management requirements of this position. S/he will have been the head of a NGO with a budget of at least USD 400,000/year or have been in charge of a department of a larger NGO or agency with a similar minimum annual budget and supervisory responsibilities for project and support staff.

- Senior-level development project management through all aspects of the programme cycle
- Substantive experience in designing, implementing and reporting projects and programmes against a logical framework
- Substantive financial management skills and experience
- Successful record of raising funds
- Experience working with various donors and foundation will be an added advantage
- Demonstrated strategic planning skills and ability to provide the vision and leadership needed to ensure that the goals and work of HAI Africa are successfully realised
- Superior English-writing skills
- Superior electronic communications skills and ability to carry out the majority of regular communications successfully via email
- Experience managing technical and support staff in an African setting
- Work experience with WHO or WHO AFRO and other international bodies will be desirable.
- Must have an advanced degree or at least 15 years relevant work experience; preference will be given to education in a health-related field, but the health expertise has to be accompanied by demonstrated knowledge of the issues in a social justice/development perspective and the required management experience
- Ability to travel at least 30 percent of the time, for periods of 7-21 days
- Preferred candidate should be a national of an African country whether currently working in Africa or abroad.

Terms of employment

The initial contract will be for two years, renewable on satisfactory performance and the availability of funds. Employment is subject to Kenyan labour laws. If a work permit is needed, employment will be contingent on HAI Africa’s ability to secure it.


Applications not meeting the minimum requirements or that fail to provide the required information will not be considered. Applications should be sent electronically to board@haiafrica.org. Please indicate clearly the position for which you are applying in the subject line. Candidates must provide an email address and phone number in their application. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Final interviews will be held in Nairobi in May 2009 and the successful candidate expected to begin in October/November 2009.
Questions can be submitted via board@haiafrica.org<board@haiafrica.org>.
Phone calls will not be accepted. Unsolicited visits to the office will result in disqualification from consideration. You can learn more about HAI Africa at www.haiafrica.org

Health Action International (HAI Africa)
P.O.Box 66054-00800
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254 20 3860434/5/6
Fax: 254 20 3860437