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[afro-nets] Join HSAN's 5th Ask the Expert (ATE) Session on GHDonline!

  • From: "Alix Beith" <alixbeith@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 08:19:04 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to join the 5th Ask the Expert (ATE) Session of the Health System Action Network (HSAN) <www.hsanet.org> that will run from the 4th â 8th May, 2009.

The over-all theme for this session is "Lessons Learned in Strengthening Health Systems for Tuberculosis Control in Developing Countries".
HSAN Founding Member, Daniel Osei of the Ghana Health Service will act as our resource person and will be responding to questions related to the above topic.

Daniel is Deputy Director for Planning and Budget of the Ghana Health Service, and is presently engaged in health systems strengthening initiatives of the Global Fund, GAVI and WHO (TB).

For this particular session, we are very pleased to inform you that HSAN is engaging in a collaborative partnership with the Global Health Delivery (GHD) Project <www.globalhealthdelivery.org>, launched in 2007 by Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the FXB Center at Harvard School of Public Health, and Partners in Health (PIH) <www.pih.org>. One of the components of the GHD Project is GHDonline, a mechanism for virtual exchange of information and sharing of resources within four “communities of practice” each of which focuses on a particular area in global health.

This session will be hosted by GHDonline <www.ghdonline.org> in its “ TB Infection Control community”. To join the 5th ATE session, simply follow these steps:
1-Click on the following link or copy-paste into your web browser - www.ghdonline.org/ic/.
2-While on the TB Infection Control Community page, click on the âSign upâ link in the upper right hand corner.
3-Complete your registration details, ensuring that you put a check mark on the TB Infection Control Community.
4-Click the âSign upâ button on the bottom of the page -- Now, youâre a member of the community! You will receive an activation link by email. Click on the link to activate your membership.
5-Go back to the site, sign in by clicking on âSign inâ, and go to âMy Profileâ. In âMy Profileâ, you can set your email notification settings to âinstantâ so that you will receive an email notifying you when the ATE questions are posted.  Â
6-To respond to these questions, you can reply directly to your email notifications, or you can click on the discussion link on the site and click âReplyâ.
7-Â To start a new discussion or post a question addressed to our HSAN expert, click on âStart discussionâ, or simply send your thoughts as an e-mail to ic@ghdonline.org.

At the end of the week-long session, a summary of the e-discussions will be generated by our host moderators.

Letâs all then have a lively and engaging ATE session, and hope to see you on GHDonline!

Inviting you all on behalf of HSAN's Co-chairs and wider membership,

Edwin Bolastig

Edwin Vicente Cinco Bolastig, MD, MSc
HSAN Co-chair, Latin America and the Caribbean
Research Associate
Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
University of Trinidad and Tobago
O'Meara Campus, Lots 74-98 O'Meara Industrial Park
Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
(O)1.868.642.8888 x21254