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[afro-nets] Executive Seminar Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

  • From: "i+ Solutions -Training" <training@iplussolutions.org>
  • Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 16:40:45 +0200

Dear colleagues,

As we all know, the supply chain of medicines and medical supplies works within a management and regulatory framework. Policies and decisions made by policy makers and managers at different levels affect the supply chain in a positive or negative way.

i+solutions organizes a seminar in August 2009 designed to describe and exchange on the influence of policy and management decisions on supply chain performance. Managers and policy makers will be provided with information on key-issues of the pharmaceutical supply chain and will be given the opportunity to exchange experience and best practices.

This seminar will allow for policy-decision makers and supply chain specialists to interact and look for ways to facilitate access to treatment together, supported by authorities in the supply chain and pharmaceutical sector.

Please find below the announcement with more details.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: training@iplussolutions.org

Kind regards,

pharmaceutical management support
Westdam 3b, 3441 GA, Woerden, The Netherlands
phone +31 348 489 630 / fax +31 348 489 659
Direct phone : +31 348 489 643
Mobile phone : (During training sessions only / pendant des formations seulement) : +31 615 547 300

Executive Seminar
Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Outline of course content

The course covers the following major modules:

* Overview of supply chain issues for medicines and medical supplies
* Major diseases and their specific supply chain issues: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and Neglected Tropical Diseases
* Key challenges in current supply chain management
* Policy makers and managers as determining factors for the supply chain performance
* Financing and Human resource management decisions
* Inventory management, decision making matrix/game for managers and policy makers
* Public and private sector supply chain management models: Possible complimentary and/or collaborating opportunities
* Monitoring and evaluation of supply chain management performance
* Country supply chain performances/case studies

Target Audience

This course is particularly designed for managers and decision makers within the health sector such as National policy makers, Health program managers, central/regional stores managers, and health sector development partners and board members of health projects and medical stores

Location and Accommodation

The course will take place in Amsterdam. Hotel accommodations, educational and recreation excursions, as well as a transfer from and to the airport are included in the course fee.

Course Dates
9 to 14 August 2009
Hotel check-in: Sunday August 9th afternoon <-> Hotel check-out: Saturday August 15th morning

Course Fees and Costs
The total fee of â 4.500,- includes:
* Tuition fee (including course materials)
* Transfer to and from Amsterdam International airport
* Hotel accommodation (single occupancy) for the duration of the course
* Three meals a day during the week
* Coffee and tea during course breaks
* Several recreational visits

In addition to this fee, each participant requires an allowance to cover personal expenses.

More information

For more information, please send an e-mail to mailto:training@iplussolutions.org