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[afro-nets] Call for articles: 'Changing the River's Flow' Newsletter

  • From: "Kevin Mazorodze" <kevin@safaids.org.zw>
  • Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 12:02:33 +0200

Call for articles: 'Changing the River's Flow' Newsletter
Deadline: 30 May 2009

The Southern African HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), invites contributions for articles to the first edition of 'Changing the River's Flow' Newsletter. This newsletter will focus on the inter-linkages between women's rights, culture, gender-based violence and HIV in southern Africa, and shall reach a wide readership ranging from rights activists, to policy makers to community based groups and organizations working within the field of HIV, gender and women's issues. The newsletter will publish policy-supported articles tracking and discussing the progress of countries in the southern African region as they move towards meeting the various gender equality, HIV and Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention and mitigation targets in the policy documents that they are party to. "Changing the Rivers Flow" newsletter will also profile case studies, success stories and best practices around what has and can work in scaling-up the linkages between HIV and GBV, through the perspective of service providers, practitioners and the voices of community members.

SAfAIDS invites articles from partner organisations. This edition of the newsletter will feature articles on:

1. Regional and international policies and programmes addressing HIV, Gender Based Violence and Culture
2. Inter-linkages between GBV, culture, and HIV
3. Case studies and best practices that show the engagement among parliamentarians, civil society leaders and programmes to inform and enhance their work, thus catalysing meaningful service provision for communities of people living with HIV and other community members.

The articles should highlight lessons learnt, challenges and how these were overcome, successes, best practices and/or recommendations related to the focus of the newsletter. Please send an expression of interest including your story ideas to patiencezirima@yahoo.co.uk or petronella@safaids.net no later than Friday 30th May 2009. SAfAIDS will offer a modest honoraria for articles selected for publication in this periodical.

Kevin Mazorodze