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[afro-nets] New "eManager" Illuminates Human Resource Management, Provides Practical Approaches and Resources

  • From: "MSH Communications Office" <communications@msh.org>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 11:35:22 -0400

Human resource management (HRM) is essential in any organization, critically so when public health crises and workforce shortages collide, as they now do in many parts of the developing world.

A new issue of The eManager written by Mary O'Neil and Steve Reimann of Management Sciences for Health provides an overview of HRM systems, policies, best practices, and procedures; components within these areas; the Human Resources for Health Action Framework; and guidance that managers can use to improve HRM and, therefore, employee job satisfaction, retention, and motivation.

Health system managers can learn what they can do to bring effective HRM to individuals and work groups, and senior managers and specialist HRM managers can better grasp the organizational perspective on the central issues of HRM.

The issue also includes diagnostic tools to evaluate the current state of an organization's HRM; country examples from Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda; and Internet links to resources for all topics covered.

Please click on the following link to access the issue:

Strengthening Human Resource Management to Improve Health Outcomes

The eManager is designed to help managers develop and support the delivery of high-quality health services. The editors welcome any comments, queries, or requests. It uses lessons, best practices, and evidence from the field to provide practical approaches, tools, and resources that help people solve everyday problems in public health.

This free, online publication is a continuation of The Manager, the continuing education quarterly for which MSH has been known since 1992.

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