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[afro-nets] Vision: Afforestation to alleaviate health of people in Kenya

  • From: "Juliana Wambua" <jwambua@kilifi.kemri-wellcome.org>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:37:35 +0300

Face of Africa has many disturbing images. With an explosive population of approximately 800 Million people, Africans confront daily the extreme challenges of poverty, disease, famine and malnutrition. Injustice, Dishonest leaders and crime rampant throughout the continent. However, despite all these tremendous problems, the Africa is a land of great promise. Blessed with extensive human and natural resources, Africa offers the world much gains!

Kenya for instance is on the equator in East Africa just south of the horn of Africa that juts out into the Indian Ocean. Kenya?s population of 31 million people(1999 national Census)has greatly suffered in the past few years due to; Epidemics of malaria, cholera and Aids and to a political instability that has ditched the country into tribal clashes thus jeopardizing the harmonious co-existence. Some people have been internally displaced and are living in pathetic conditions without food, shelter and good access to health care. Devastating drought of East Africa has also caused starvation across Kenya. As a result of these situations, half of the country's population is comprised of under 15 years of age. Moreover, less than a quarter of Kenya's land is arable.

Five years of drought in Kenya has caused 60-100% of crops to fail. At the same time maize prices have increased by 50-180%( Kenya drought disaster appeal report 2009).

Many Kenyan families live on less than $1 a day, and the long-running regional drought has left millions of people short of food. Rains when they do appear often result in severe flooding, causing further damage to crops and livestock.

With many families eking out an existence as subsistence farmers, the situation for many people is dire: diarrhea, respiratory infections, malnutrition, malaria and HIV and AIDS are contributing to increasing mortality rate.

I have a vision of a universal project especially in the most stricken regions of the country by drought. Eastern and north eastern provinces of the country are the driest yet with many underutilized resources. Introduction of forestry can successfully alleviate the situation and set an example to the entire country. I plan to draft some proposals to the Government's ministries: MINISTRY OF STATE FOR PLANNING, NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND VISION TWENTY THIRTY, MINISTRY OF WATER AND IRRIGATION, MINISTRY OF WATER AND IRRIGATION, MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES, MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT OF NORTHERN KENYA AND OTHER ARID LANDS. I wish to air my views to the government of Kenya through these ministries proposing funding for this activity and see if there can be a positive response. I can offer myself to facilitate implementation of the project and overseeing the logistics. I'm sure people on the ground can always cooperate. Please if anyone has an idea to contribute to the proposal, let me know. If one also thinks that this can be a hard /inapplicable project let me know as well.

Many Thanks,


Juliana Wambua