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[afro-nets] Culture and Condoms: Integrating Approaches to HIV and AIDS

  • From: "Claudio Schuftan" <cschuftan@phmovement.org>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 18:22:39 +0530

The Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland has published the extended reader to the aidsfocus.ch’s conference “Culture and Condoms: Integrating approaches to HIV and AIDS“. The new edition of the MMS Bulletin covers theoretical articles as well as reports of practical experiences, which focus different aspects of cultural approaches in the international HIV/Aids cooperation.

Among others you find the following articles:

Clodagh Miskelly: Engaging Culture for effective responses to HIV/AIDS<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter1/22.html>. A conceptual framework

Véronique Schoeffel: The need for intercultural competency<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter1/23.html>. A cultural approach for HIV/AIDS related projects

Christo Greyling: Standing together to fight a common enemy<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter2/31.html>. Experiences of mobilizing Christian and Muslim faith leaders to participate in the fight against HIV&AIDS

Shariful Islam, Amadou Moreau: Traditional healers in preventing HIV/AIDS: Roles and Scopes<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter2/32.html> UNDP program on HIV/AIDS prevention in Bangladesh

Eliudi Eliakimu: Culture and condom use<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter3/41.html>: HIV and AIDS prevention: Discussion on existing knowledge and next steps

M.A. Hobbins, F. Haupt, J.C. Samuel, Jochen Ehmer: The human sperm<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter3/42.html>. Traditional beliefs and consequences on AIDS prevention in Northern Mozambique

Emmanuel Gbaguidi, Kaspar Wyss: Approche régionale de la réponse face au SIDA en Afrique Centrale<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter3/44.html>. Augmentation de l'utilisation des condoms

Bertrand Dimody et Inès Tchomago : Entre ciel et terre dans la lutte contre le Sida au Cameroun. <http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter3/45.html>Le rôle du préservatif

Bharat Rijal: Condom day celebration<http://www.medicusmundi.ch/mms/services/bulletin/bulletin113_2009/chapter4/52.html>. HIV prevention in the cultural context of Nepal

You can read the contributions online:


Martin Leschhorn Strebel