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[afro-nets] Draft Framework for Community Systems Strengthening - Call for Comments

  • From: "MK Nabeel" <NabeelM@unaids.org>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 15:39:57 +0100

cross-posted from: Solution Exchange AIDS Community with the Maternal and Child Health Community <aids-se_se-mch@solutionexchange-un.net.in>

Dear All,

Hope you would have come to know about the consultation on the draft framework for Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) developed by Global Fund. Alliance and International Council of AIDS Services Organisations (ICASO) are holding a worldwide consultation to get feedback on this draft CSS framework before finalising it. Solution Exchange (SE) is facilitating this consultative process through the AIDS Community and Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Community of SE.

The call for comments is appended below my signature. It is also available through the Facebook page (http://bit.ly/aids-se-facebook) and Twitter page (http://bit.ly/aids-se-twitter) of SE AIDS Community.

We request you to take part in this consultation and also to spread the word among your civil society partners and other networks. Your assistance is highly essential in getting inputs from across the civil society.

Thanking you,

PS: The Online Consultation available at http://bit.ly/CSS-Survey closes on 5 March 2010. However, please do take part in the consultation process too by providing your comments. To go through the responses so far, please visit http://bit.ly/CSS-Framework

[aids-se][se-mch] FOR COMMENTS: Draft Framework for Community Systems

Dear All,

Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) is an approach that promotes the development of informed, supportive communities and community-based structures so that they can contribute to long-term sustainability of health and other interventions at community level. It also promotes the development of an enabling and responsive environment in which these contributions can be effective.

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) has developed a CSS Framework in collaboration with other stakeholders including UNAIDS. The Technical Working Group (TWG) developed the framework in recognition that there are gaps in funding for many aspects of community action on HIV, TB, malaria, reproductive health, and other health-related issues. Even though the TWG developed it to support the CSS component of Global Fund grants, it is applicable to all community-based activities aimed at improving health through community-based action. Specifically, the objectives are to:
Help civil society actors articulate and scale up their activities, and access funding from GFATM,
Equip governments to better understand the vital roles of community actors particularly when building stronger health systems, and
Enable GFATM to make informed decisions about awarding grants to proposals strong in CSS.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (Alliance) and the International Council of AIDS Services Organisations (ICASO) are conducting an online consultation for civil society to input into this draft framework. The full version of the framework can be downloaded at
http://www.aidsalliance.org/includes/document/CSS_framework.pdf (PDF, Size: 375 KB), and the summary at
http://www.aidsalliance.org/includes/document/wrifu-eng.pdf (PDF, Size: 62 KB).

Apart from introductory sections and a section elaborating how community systems are interlinked and complementary to health systems, the framework talks about six Building Blocks (BBs). Further, each of these BBs have Service Delivery Areas (SDAs) listed under each of them. Members of the AIDS and MCH communities would have noticed several areas that could be influenced by stronger community systems. It may range from direct provision of healthcare services delivered by communities to broader community activities indirectly influencing determinants of health. Based on such experiences in the field, we are soliciting your feedback on different sections of this document.

Your comments will be collated and fed into the consultation carried out by Alliance and ICASO. By feeding back on the draft framework through Solution Exchange, you will add synergy to this international consultation. Thus, your inputs will further improve this key document.

Thanking you in advance,

Nandini Kapoor Dhingra,
UNAIDS India Office,
New Delhi.