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[afro-nets] Expert Panel Releases Comprehensive New Research Agenda to Improve HIV Responses for Women and Children (2)

  • From: "Julie Schurgers" <julie.schurgers@unza.zm>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 05:22:19 +0200 (CAT)

Dear all,

Nice to hear that there is more attention to women and children in the HIV programs. At present, we are working to raise attention to possible developmental delay in HIV children and the development of a screening program, a (community) intervention activities for them as well as training programs for community members and health professionals on how to start these group activities. We are doing this now for almost two years with good results. An article will be published on the topic in the Medical Journal of Zambia (MJZ) in April. If you are interested in further information or cannot download MJZ for the article, please contact me. I can forward it to you. I would like to see how we could make that concern into a regional, global program, aimed at HIV children who survive but are left with functional problems and disabilities, possibly due to CNS involvement.

Warm regards,


Julie Schurgers, Occupational Therapist, Health Scientist, specialized in Public Health, Medical Educationalist.
University of Zambia, School of Medicine, Department of Medical Education Development.
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