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[afro-nets] Lay or community health workers can improve the health of children (9)

  • From: "Molly Tumusiime" <mtumusiime@ug.earo.crs.org>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 16:23:59 +0700

I want to thank Massimo for his views which reflect a realistic and eminent future scenario. I share his view that creating another cadre of health workers will not work .It may never work. I would like to hear success stories from the developing countries that have been promoting the use of traditional birth attendants who were seen as yet another pair of hands to shoulder women’s reproductive health issues. Have these countries achieved lowered MATERNAL MORTALITY RATES. Where there has been any recognizable reduction, governments and development partners have come in to motivate trained health care workers to carry out MCH activities, offer emergency obstetric care, within accessible distances . LETS MOTIVATE THE CADRES .THE MEDICAL, nursing and other SCHOOLS ALSO NEED TO MAKE THEIR PRODUCTS more PRO COMMUNITY (My daughter who is in her fourth year medical school was recently sighing: reason being she was likely to posted in a remote health facility to practice her community medicine and this shocked me as I realized even the schools are not helping upcoming young doctors to have the spirit of serving their own folks (I did my part as a parent)

Molly Tumusiime