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[afro-nets] Vacancy: EDCTP Developing Countries Coordination Committee (DCCC) members

  • From: "Daniela Pereira" <Pereira@edctp.org>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:15:06 +0200

Vacancy: EDCTP Developing Countries Coordination Committee (DCCC) members (position starting date 1 January 2011)

The Developing Countries Coordination Committee (DCCC) of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) is seeking four new members to replace those who have completed their tenure. Applications are invited from senior scientific experts and health professionals from sub-Saharan Africa with experience in HIV/AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis in the following areas:

* HIV/AIDS (1 position for Southern African region)

* TB (1 position for each of the following sub-Saharan Africa regions: Eastern Africa, Central Africa and Southern African).

Specific roles

* Provide strategic technical and scientific inputs on the EDCTP programme strategy

* Identify gaps and monitor progress in health capacity development in Africa

* Develop strategies and actions to improve coordination between its members and with other partners

* Advocate and promote the visibility and impact of the EDCTP and African health research community in general

* Develop and implement strategies to develop African commitment, ownership and leadership of the EDCTP and international health research programmes in Africa

* Facilitate networking strategies of EDCTP

* Work closely with other EDCTP constituencies and Secretariat.

Deadline for application

The deadline for application is 20 October 2010.

Position starting date

The position starting date is 1 January 2011. Members shall be appointed for a period of two years.

More details on the position and how to apply

For more details please consult the full vacancy text on the EDCTP website through the following link:


The mission of EDCTP is to accelerate the development of new or improved tools to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa and to generally improve the quality of health research.

About the Developing Countries Coordination Committee (DCCC)

The DCCC is an independent advisory body comprising prominent African scientists and health professionals. Its general role is to ensure the commitment, ownership and leadership of the EDCTP programme by the participating sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Daniela Pereira