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[afro-nets] C-Channel 23 - Women and contraceptive choice - from C-Change

  • From: "Annie Kearns" <annie@healthnet.org>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:29:37 -0400

C-CHANNEL E-NEWSLETTER: Social and Behavior Change Communication
ISSUE 23 | September 2010

C-Channel 23 highlights women and contraceptive choice.

Six articles describe women's contraceptive choice and use, two describe family planning and post-abortion care, and a final two examine adolescents and contraception. Research for these articles was conducted in Brazil, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. One large study was conducted in 40 developing countries.

C-Change trained 3,000 relais (community health workers) in DRC's three eastern provincesâKasai Oriental, Katanga, and Kasai Occidentalâon use of the Family Planning Conversation Tool (http://www.c-changeprogram.org/sites/default/files/Community%20Relay%20FP%20Tool_FrenchVersion_June2010.pdf). Developed by C-Change/DRC partners, CARE and AED, the Tool assists relais as they talk to groups of men and women about family planning. Issues include spacing of pregnancies for the health of the mother and her children, visiting the health clinic for antenatal care, and adopting use of modern contraceptives, etc. For more information, visit the C-Change website (http://www.c-changeprogram.org/where-we-work/drcongo).

Thank you,
The C-Change KM Team

To view the abstracts/articles from this issue, please visit:

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Articles in this issue of C-Channel include:

Women - Contraceptive Choice and Use
1. HIV-positive women's contraceptive use - South Africa

2. Contraceptive discontinuation and non-use - Brazil
(ONLINE FULL TEXT available)

3. Women, diaphragms, and lubricant gel - Southern Africa

4. Women's preference for withdrawal - Iran
(ONLINE FULL TEXT available)

5. Contraceptive choices of rural women - Nigeria
(ONLINE FULL TEXT available)

6. Postpartum sexual health in urban slums - Kenya

Family Planning and Post-Abortion Care
7. Urban unsafe abortion and abortion care - Sudan

8. Post-abortion contraceptive choice - Brazil

Adolescents and Contraception
9. Undergraduates and contraception - Nigeria

10. Adolescents vs. adult women - contraceptive use and discontinuation

ACCESS-FP, funded by USAID, issued the publication, "Postpartum Fertility and Contraception: An Analysis of Findings from 17 Countries." It uses Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data and aims to understand factors that may affect unmet family planning needs.

Download the report: http://www.k4health.org/toolkits/ppfp/postpartum-fertility-and-contraception-analysis-findings-17-countries

Please visit http://bit.ly/cchannel23 to view the abstracts and/or free full text versions of the articles above.

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Annie Kearns