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[afro-nets] UN report: 2010/11 State of the World's Cities - Bridging the Urban Divide

  • From: "Claudio Schuftan" <cschuftan@phmovement.org>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 15:17:26 -0800

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State of the World’s Cities 2010/2011

Bridging The Urban Divide

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme - UN-HABITAT

Available online at: http://bit.ly/hxe0E3

“……….The emerging picture of the 21st century city fits many descriptions. Some are centres of rapid industrial growth and wealth creation, often accompanied by harmful waste and pollution. Others are characterized by stagnation, urban decay and rising social exclusion and intolerance. Both scenarios point to the urgent need for new, more sustainable approaches to urban development. Both argue for greener, more resilient and inclusive towns and cities that can help combat climate change and resolve age-old urban inequalities.

The 2010/11 State of the World’s Cities Report, “Bridging the Urban Divide” examines the social, economic, cultural and political drivers of urban poverty and deprivation. It argues that much inequality and injustice stems from inadequate policy-making and planning by local authorities and central governments alike. Typical remedies include removing barriers that prevent access to land, housing, infrastructure and basic services, and facilitating rather than inhibiting participation and citizenship. The report also emphasizes that lasting gains are best achieved through a combination of local action and national enabling policies. As we grapple with old and new challenges in a rapidly urbanizing world, this timely report can help inform research, policy dialogue and development planning for years to come……”. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

“….The book focuses on the concept of the 'right to the city' and ways in which many urban dwellers are excluded from the advantages of city life, using the framework to explore links among poverty, inequality, slum formation and economic growth. ….”


Part 01: Urban Trends

1.1 Cross-currents in global urbanization

1.2 The wealth of cities.

1.3 Slum Dwellers: proportions are declining, but numbers are growing.

Part 02: The Urban Divide

2.1 The Urban Divide: Overview and perspectives.

2.2 The Economic Divide: Urban income inequalities

2.3 The Spatial Divide: Marginalization and its outcomes

2.4 The Opportunity Divide: When the “urban advantage” eludes the poor.

2.5 The Social Divide: Impact on bodies and minds.

Part 03: Bridging the Urban Divide

3.1 Taking forward the right to the city

3.2 The regional dynamics of inclusion

3.3 The five steps to an inclusive city

Ruggiero, Mrs. Ana Lucia (WDC)