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[afro-nets] HIV Prevention Update: Realizing an AIDS-Free Generation

  • From: "Anna Lisi" <anna_lisi@jsi.com>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2011 14:52:23 -0500

AIDSTAR-One's monthly prevention update for November is posted and available at http://j.mp/tZCXUv. This month's update includes links to the following...

Clinton Speech Provides New Hope for Creating an AIDS-Free Generation (U.S. Department of State)
Secretary Clinton outlined an ambitious goal of creating an AIDS-free generation through the use of an evidence-based combination prevention approach relying on three key interventions: eliminating mother-to-child transmission, expanding voluntary medical male circumcision, and scaling up treatment as prevention.

Structural Approaches Are Key to an Effective Global AIDS Response (Global Public Health)
According to the Social Drivers Working Group of the aids 2031 initiative, structural approaches are still lacking in the global response to HIV and AIDS. This report offers six key recommendations for operationalizing structural approaches at both the global and national levels.

Efficacy and Effectiveness of Treatment as Prevention (AIDS Education and Prevention)
Kippax and colleagues argue that more effort must be spent on strengthening connections between biomedical and behavioral interventions. For example, behavioral issues such as the acceptability and adoption of annual testing and the sustained use of antiretrovirals over time must be addressed to capitalize on the efficacious prevention strategy of "test and treat."

Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention: Current Evidence and Implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa
From: Journal of the International AIDS Society

Topical Tenofovir, a Microbicide Effective against HIV, Inhibits Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Replication
From: Cell Host & Microbe

Antiretroviral Therapy in Prevention of HIV and TB: Update on Current Research Efforts
From: Current HIV Research

The Future of Microbicides
From: International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Antiretrovirals for Prevention: Realizing the Potential
From: Current HIV Research

Modeling the Impact on the HIV Epidemic of Treating Discordant Couples with Antiretrovirals to Prevent Transmission
From: AIDS

Efficacy of Structural-level Condom Distribution Interventions: A Meta-analysis of U.S. and International Studies 1998-2007
From: AIDS and Behavior

Transactional Sex Amongst AIDS-Orphaned and AIDS-Affected Adolescents Predicted by Abuse and Extreme Poverty
From: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes

The Global Fund's Resource Allocation Decisions for HIV Programmes: Addressing Those in Need
From: Journal of the International AIDS Society

Ensuring Equality: A Guide to Addressing and Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination in the Health Sector
From: Physicians for Human Rights

Taking Evidence to Impact: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children Living in a World with HIV and AIDS

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