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[afro-nets] The Same Sex Bill passed by Nigerian Senate (18)

  • From: "Wim Delva" <Wim.Delva@ugent.be>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 17:56:51 +0200

Dear Dr Aina,

I fail to see how same sex relationships are worse or more unsafe than heterosexual relationships. Both types of relationships allow for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, as evidence by unacceptably high incidence rates and prevalence figures in homosexual AND heterosexual communities across Africa. Please also point me to the verses in the bible that explicitly state that marriage between two people of the same sex would be against his will.

If the view is held that people engaging in homosexual behaviour are in effect criminals, doesn't the bible then also say we should love our enemies? Should we not respect the way people feel and think to the extent that their actions do not violate the health and rights of others? And much in the same spirit, should we not strive to greater health, physically, mentally and socially for all, and not merely for those that act or think like ourselves?

Best regards,


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