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Africa Public Health Rights 15% Now Petition 2007-01-08 94.79 KB Appeal to African Union member States to without further delay implement the 2001 Abuja Summit pledge to allocate 15% of national budgets to healthcare
Public Health Advocacy in Disaster Times 2005-11-30 285.5 KB A Reference to Food Famine in Zimbabwe 2000-2004
Is There Anyone Left In The General Population? 2005-11-16 550.67 KB Adobe PDF file, 97 pp.551 kB
E-Learning Course on HIV and AIDS Registration Form 2005-10-26 138.5 KB Application Form
Recours à la recherche action pour le suivi de l’impact 2005-07-05 252.43 KB Enseignements tirés du Dialogue des générations et de la Formation des filles non excisées en Guinée
Participatory Impact Monitoring through Action Research 2005-07-05 249.58 KB Lessons from the Generation Dialogue and Training for Uncircumcised Girls in Guinea
Progress on Global Access to HIV Antiretroviral Therapy 2005-06-29 1.7 MB An update on "3 by 5"
Our Common Interest: Report of the Commission for Africa 2005-03-11 3.15 MB Adobe PDF file
Understanding Patterns of Accountability in Tanzania 2005-03-07 540.4 KB Inception Report, February 2005
Challenging Partnerships: GTZ and Private Sector Commitment to the Fight against HIV/AIDS at the Workplace in Africa 2004-12-09 2.42 MB HIV/AIDS workplace programs in Southern and Eastern Africa
International Education in Action Research 2004-11-18 1.68 MB Training Manual
Le système de santé de district - Expériences et perspectives en Afrique 2004-10-14 3.27 MB Manuel à l'intention des professionnels de la santé publique
The District Health System - Experiences and Prospects in Africa 2004-10-14 3.24 MB Manual for Public Health Practitioners
Health and Human Rights Readers 2004-03-06 560.09 KB Compilation of electronic messages on Human Rights Issues
Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2003 2004-01-09 190.34 KB Preliminary Report
I am a Person who Matters 2003-09-25 112.5 KB A Support Group for Children Whose Parents have HIV or AIDS
Utilisation des données sanitaires pour améliorer les prestations de services: Une approche d’auto-évaluation 2003-07-23 3.11 MB Adobe PDF file (158 pp. 3.11 MB!)
Using Data to Improve Service Delivery: A Self-Evaluation Approach 2003-07-23 3.13 MB Adobe PDF file (158 pp. 3.13 MB!)
Reproductive Morbidity - a Neglected Issue? 2003-06-19 1.64 MB Study on on the prevalence of reproductive morbidity in Far-Western Nepal.
The Golden Lecture of Prevention 2003-05-17 937.5 KB Compiled by 100 Global Health Network faculty members world wide
Africa goes into negative food balance 2003-05-04 19.55 KB GIF file (20 kB)
Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS: A Conceptual Framework and Implementing Principles 2003-01-29 125.6 KB Adobe PDF file (19 pp. 126 kB)
The community development dilemma: When are service delivery, capacity building, advocacy and social mobilisation really empowering? 2003-01-09 23.54 KB Contribution to the AFRO-NETS discussion: "Community Participation in a Rural Health and Nutrition Program"
Addressing Workplace Violence in the Health Sector 2002-11-30 776.18 KB Framework Guidelines
Textbook-Atlas of Intestinal Infections in AIDS 2002-08-06 72.5 KB Table of Contents and List of Contributors
New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) 2002-05-21 134.03 KB October 2001
Application Forms for MPH Programme - Tanzania 2002-04-19 95.5 KB Master of Public Health (MPH) Programme - 25 September 2002 (for one year)
Culture, Identity and Reproductive Failure in Zimbabwe 2002-03-18 140 KB Keywords: reproductive failure, safer sex, sexual culture, sexual identities, Zimbabwe
Newsletter of the African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network (AMVTN), Vol. 10, December 2001 2002-02-15 281.04 KB 8 pp., Adobe PDF format
EANMAT Newsletter Nr. 11 2002-01-24 68.45 KB Newsletter of the East African Network for Monitoring Antimalarial Treatment (EANMAT)
Strengthening Capacities in Policy Development and Strategic Management in Health Systems 2002-01-16 119.03 KB The main roles and functions of government in health systems are reviewed and capacities to fulfil them are briefly addressed.
HIV, Breastfeeding, and Infant Mortality: Weighing the Impact of the Non-evidenced-based WHO/UNAIDS Recommendations in the Low-income, Low-resource Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa 2002-01-16 74.95 KB Challenges the WHO/UNAIDS recommendations regarding breastfeeding and HIV positive mothers in low-income, low-resource countries.
Newsletter of the African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network (AMVTN), Vol. 9, June 2001 2002-01-16 335.55 KB Contents include: Editorial, Development and Validation of New Mathematical Models of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria, and Upcoming Workshops and Events.
What do we know about capacity building? 2002-01-16 154.59 KB An overview of existing knowledge and practice in capacity building.
Newsletter of the East African Network for Monitoring Antimalarial Treatment (EANMAT) 2002-01-16 75.35 KB Issue 10
Foreign Aid: Giving Conditionalities A Good Name 2002-01-16 58 KB A paper dealing with conditionalities to foreign aid for developing countries.
Elements For A Human Rights Activists Course And Curriculum 2002-01-16 42.5 KB "Giving graduate students in the different disciplines of development work a chance to practice activism skills is a duty so they can better confront their future ethical/political responsibilities."
A Story To Be Shared: The Successful Fight Against Malaria In Vietnam 2002-01-16 66.7 KB A historical review of the Vietnam Malaria Program as one of 4 successful ones in the world.
A Story To Be Shared: The Successful Fight Against Malaria In Vietnam 2002-01-16 93 KB A historical review of the Vietnam Malaria Program as one of 4 successful ones in the world.
Malaria, poverty and health: Baseline results from the ITN-Oriade Initiative (Draft) 2002-01-16 227.5 KB ITN-Oriade is a project for the community-based management of simple malaria and promotion of the use of insecticide treated materials.
The Oriade Experiment: Experiences and Lessons Learned from South West Nigeria (Draft) 2002-01-16 212.5 KB The Oriade initiative is a community based operations research project for poverty alleviation and sustainable development through health reform in Nigeria.
HIV/AIDS and Rural Development: What can we do? 2002-01-16 59.86 KB The Executive Summary from the workshop titled "HIV/AIDS and Rural Development: What can we do?", which took place in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 02 to 05 April, 2001
Newsletter of the African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network (AMVTN), Vol. 8, December 2000 2002-01-16 61.83 KB Contents include: Editorial, Workshop on Molecular Biology and Immunology of Malaria Vaccines Research, Clinical Trials Protocol Meeting, Vacancies and Events